Facility Policies


Fans may enter I-70 Motorsports Park with the following items:

  • Binoculars, scanners, headsets, personal cameras and seat cushions are allowed.
  • Seat cushion bags with compartments may be inspected on an individual basis.
  • Strollers will be permitted into the Pit Areas, Food Court and the Manufacturer Midway, but will not be allowed into the grandstand seating areas. I-70 Motorsports Park will not assume any responsibility for strollers left unattended.
  • Baby Food, formula/milk, and baby bottles.
  • Wheel chairs or motorized chairs.
  • Fans with medical problems must first check with I-70 Staff to what will be allowed in.
  • Flags are acceptable, provided they are not attached to poles and they do not obstruct other fans viewing of racing activities. No flag poles of any type will be allowed. Small nationality flags attached to a pencil sized diameter wooden stick will be allowed.
  • All bags, purses, blankets, backpacks and items brought through the Main Spectator gate will be subject to inspection.
  • Lawn Chairs (in designated areas)
  • Pet are allowed in if they are on a leash in camping areas only. Owners must clean up after their pets. Service animals are allowed anywhere on the premise.


Fans may NOT enter I-70 Motorsports Park with the following items:

  • Firearms, weapons of any kind (knives), fireworks, and items restricted by Local, State or Federal laws.
  • Any outside food, drink or alcohol will not be allowed in the facility.
  • Coolers, thermoses, freezer/ice packets and cups of any size.
  • No large radios or TV’s.
  • Glass, aluminum and metal containers.
  • None of the above restricted items may be left in or around the gate area. Please return items to your vehicle. Any items left at the gates will be discarded. I-70 Motorsports Park reserves the right to refuse entry of any item deemed inappropriate.

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