I-70 Motorsports Park Now Focusing on 2020 Events


I-70 Motorsports Park Now Focusing on 2020 Events

As I-70 Motorsports Park ownership approaches one year since submitting its application to reopen the historic race track known as I-70 Speedway and adding the historic “KCIR” drag strip, now known as Central Power Dragway to the facility, the process taken by Lafayette County has made the reopening long, difficult, and expensive. The Conditions placed upon the approval do not mean a “green light,” but require additional studies and additional work some of which we believe to be unnecessary and extremely expensive. One major hurdle is the placement of a 6 foot metal chain link surrounding the entire 3.5 mile perimeter of the original property and an 8 foot fence in certain locations at a cost of $325,000 which will require several months to complete. That alone, will involve significant clearing of the wooded property lines around the facility. Before we can begin working on the above-ground remodeling or construction our site plan must include all of these items, further prolonging the reconstruction of the property. We have sought relief from part of the fencing requirements which will likely cause further delay.

It’s with these hurdles, delays, and the ongoing County process, we are given the harsh reality that the facility will NOT open until 2020. We are committed to reopening this historical facility and have recently purchased multiple adjoining properties adding an additional 110 plus acres for further facility expansion and for future development of the surrounding area.

The ownership would like to say THANK YOU to all the supporters in and around the surrounding communities, the racers, spectators, sponsors, businesses, media, local, and area officials who have helped us with the reopening. We will continue to work with the County to get this historic facility back to its glory and we’ll be looking forward to the 2020 racing season!

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