Update on Opening


Last night (3/21/2019) it became apparent Lafayette County Administration is trying very hard to kill the reopening of I-70 Speedway as I-70 Motorsports Park. We’ve been working with the County for six months and they now decide to engage an outside consultant to poke holes in our 167 page application. The County’s consultant should be there to help the success of development, not to continuously try to derail a project and try to persuade the County Commissioners from approving something as positive as the redevelopment of the old I-70 Speedway facility into a new multi venue and racing complex. One would believe a consultant would actually visit the site he is being paid to discuss, but he never has. We hope the County Commissioners will make the right decision.

Your support is much appreciated and needed, including attending the next and final meeting on Thursday, March 28th at Berry Acres Convention Hall in Odessa, Missouri. Please arrive by 6 pm and show your support. The public hearing starts at 7 pm sharp.

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